Unidad Diseño

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Residential Buildings
Schools and Industrial Buildings
Urban Design

Jesús María
Campus Masterplan


Chunchuen Masterplan


Telchac Masterplan


Tlalpuente Masterplan


Bosques de Santa Fé Masterplan


Mayakobá Masterplan


Mandarin Oriental Masterplan


Casicielo Masterplan


Hacienda Chablé Masterplan


Victoria House


Santa Ana House


Tuxpan House


Parota House


Lomas de Bezares House


Tarahumara House


ABS House


Malinalco House


Chicxulub House


Four Seasons Villas


Playa Quieta Villas


Punta Ixtapa Villas


Playa Mar House (unbuilt)


Reforma-La Diana
Urban Design


Zócalo Urban Design


National Motorway
Rest Areas


Altabrisa Housing Complex


La Cañada Residential Complex


El Encinar


Mayorazgo Apartments


Santa Catarina Apartments


Edificio del Río


Oerlikon Italiana de México


México Nuevo Schools

1993 La Calma, Guadalajara I
2000-2001 La Calma, Guadalajara II
2004 Querétaro
2005 Santa Anita, Guadalajara
2009 Angelópolis, Puebla.

Fairmont Hotel Mayakobá


Banyan Tree Hotel Mayakobá


El Camaleón Club House


Banyan Tree Mont Xanic



Since 2015, Unidad Diseño offers consultancy services specialized in urban planning and related areas.

Areas of expertise

• Urban/active mobility
• Sustainable urbanism
• Urban regeneration
• Public space strategies
• Integrated management of urban projects
• Urban resilience assessment for local authorities

Major clients

• Arup
• 100RC Rockefeller Foundation (100 Resilient Cities)
• CDMX-Urban Resilience Agency
• IMEPLAN-Mérida (Metropolitan Planning Agency)
• Prefeitura de São Paulo (Mayor’s Office)

Recent projects

Coordination for Resilience Strategy Development in several Latin American cities – Santiago (Chile), Santa Fé and Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Salvador de Bahía (Brazil). Projects carried out by Pablo Lazo as Arup Director

• Client: 100RC/ Arup
• 2015 to date

Active Mobility Strategy

• Client: Prefeitura de São Paulo, Brazil
• 2015

Barranquilla Public Space Masterplan, Colombia – as Arup Director

• Client: UK Embassy in Colombia, FINDETER and Barranquilla Municipality
• 2014-2016

Unidad Diseño

Unidad Diseño is an independent studio working in the fields of architecture, urban design and planning, with over 40 years’ experience in projects in Mexico and Latin America.

The studio takes a multidisciplinary approach to develop projects, bringing together economic viability, sustainable design and innovation.

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Real de San Lucas 16
México D.F., 04030
E-Mail: info@unidad-diseno.com
Phone: 01 (55) 5554 1495
You can also get in touch by filling out this online contact form.


• Escuela Nacional de Architecture (UNAM), Annual Award.

• Quorum 95 Award for Graphic Design: Honorable Mention for Punta Ixtapa project.

• “Federico Mariscal”, Special Professorship, Architecture School, UNAM.

• Ecoturism Award, awarded by the Fundación Miguel Alemán Velasco.

• “Carlos Contreras Pagés” Professional Merit Award in Urban Design and Landscape Projects, awarded by the Colegio de Arquitectos Mexicanos, (CAM SAM).
• Ulysses Award, awarded by the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), for the Mayakobá project.
• Sustainable Standard-Setter Award, awarded by the Rainforest Alliance, for the Mayakobá project.
• International Audubon Certification, for the “El Camaleón” golf course.

• “Ten Most Sustainable Design Studios” Award, awarded by the magazine Obras, México.


Unidad Diseño

• Industrial Design. Technology and uses. Entrepreneurs guide. Technical documents series 9. FONEI

• Industrial Design. Technology and uses. Editorial Trillas.

• Naturaleza y Diseño (Nature and Design). “Federico Mariscal” Special professorship.

• Architecture, Naturaleza y Diseño. Mario Lazo. Unidad Diseño 40 años 1970-2010. Toppan Leefung Printing Limited.


Magazines and other publications

• Paula magazine, Special edition.

• Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. Corina Armelia de Fernández Castelló. Ediciones Estoril. Published project: Punta Ixtapa.Ixtapa Zihuatanejo.

• Casas, Casonas y Hoteles de Arquitectos en México. Ernesto Alva. COMEX. Published project: Parota House and Unidad Diseño studio refurbishment, Tlatetilpa, Coyoacán.

• DESC, 25 años de Historia. DGE Ediciones /Turner Libros. Published project: Punta Ixtapa.

• Vivienda en Edificios de Apartamentos y Conjuntos Horizontales de Arquitectos en México. Ernesto Alva. COMEX. Published project: Playa Quieta Villas.
• Mi Casa es tu Casa: La Magia de Vivir en México, ambientes y recetas para el buen vivir. Laura Caraza, Cecilia Prieto, Alejandra Prieto. DUPUIS. Editorial Planeta. Published project: Punta Ixtapa Houses.
• Arquitectos Mexicanos II. Al Fin del MIlenio. Arquitectos Editores Mexicanos. Published projects: Parota House and Tuxpan House.

• Arquitectos Mexicanos III: Forma, Luz y Color. Arquitectos Mexicanos Editores. Published project: Lomas de Bezares House.

• Un Bosque para Cuidar. Cañada de Santa Fé, S.A. de C.V. Published project: Cañada de Santa Fé.

• Espacios en Architecture II: Oficinas, Restaurantes y Espacios Comerciales. Arquitectos Mexicanos Editores. Published project: Playa Quieta Villas.
• Paraíso Mexicano. Marie Pierre Colle. Editorial Planeta Mexicana. Published project: Jardines Punta Ixtapa.
• Architecture y Diseño de Interiores II. Ediciones 191 S.A. de C.V. Published project: Mayakobá Beach House.
• Architecture Ambiental. Revista Inmobiliare.

• Octogon Architecture & Design magazine. Budapest, Hungary. Published project: Mayakobá, Environmentalist luxury architecture on the Mexican coast.

• Obras Magazine. January. Project of the month: Mayakobá.
• Architectural Digest Mexico magazine. September. Published project: Mayakobá.
• Arquine Magazine. Winter 2007. Published projects: Mandarin Oriental and Mayakobá.
• Obras Magazine. August. Published project: Mayakobá.

• Entremuros magazine, Reforma newspaper. December. Article: “Galardonan Diseño Sustentable”.

Pablo Lazo

Pablo Lazo (México 1970) graduated in Architecture from the Universidad Iberoamericana (México) in 1995, has an MA (Master’s in Architecture) from the Architectural Association (London, 1999) and is an RIBA member. He worked in Ove Arup and Partners, the renowned design and engineering consulting firm, from 2001 to 2017, as associate director in urban design and planning. He was director of the Integrated Urbanism group in London (2002-2008), in Madrid (2009-2012) and Sao Paulo (2012-2017).

Amongst his most important projects are KCC-Azcania masterplan in Mexico, Stratford City masterplan in London, Zuidas district masterplan in Amsterdam, Baku Sports Complex, City of Knowledge in Madrid, Barranquilla Public Space Masterplan in Colombia, Guadalajara Creative Digital City masterplan in Mexico, and the Sustainability Masterplan for the Nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional de México (Mexico’s new International Airport). He is currently coordinating the Resilient Cities program for the Rockefeller Foundation in Latin America.

Pablo has an international reputation as an expert in urban planning and design, his writings have been published in several languages, and he has been invited to lecture in several universities in Europe, Brazil and Mexico. He has ample experience leading multidisciplinary design teams working on masterplans for sustainable projects in Latin America.

Cecilia González Flores
Senior project coordinator

Cecilia González has over 25 years’ experience in architecture, urban design and masterplanning. She graduated with Honorable Mention from the Architecture School at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). She received the Gabino Barreda Medal for the highest results during her studies. She currently teaches Architecture Theory at the UNAM. In 2015 she received the University Merit Medal for 25 years of academic work. She has collaborated in several architecture studios, with Alejandro de la Mora, Javier Senosiain, Daniel Arredondo and José Rogelio Álvarez Noguera.

She joined Unidad Diseño in 1991, where she has acquired great experience and capacity to coordinate multidisciplinary teams in several types of projects, from residential, office, education, to masterplanning. Her experience covers all project stages, from feasibility, to implementation and construction. Amongst her most important work, are the Jesús María Campus masterplan, Costa Canuva masterplan, Hacienda Chablé masterplan, Casicielo masterplan, and Mayakobá masterplan, which has become an international reference of perfect harmony between a touristic development and the environment.


“the art of dwelling”.

Unidad Diseño SC was founded in 1971 by Mario Lazo Villarreal, Antonio Ortiz and Salvador Vega. The studio had an avant-garde proposal, bringing together disciplines related to architecture. In 1982, Mario Lazo Villarreal revamped the studio, with a focus on urbanism and architectural projects with a sustainable approach, taking as a starting point a deep respect for nature and the environment. He was the founding studio director until his death in 2016.

Nowadays, the studio is led by his son, Pablo Lazo Elizondo, who is also an architect and has over 20 years’ international experience as associate director with the British firm Arup.

The studio has received numerous international awards and recognitions, and has ample experience in touristic developments, residential, cultural and commercial buildings in Mexico and Latin America.

“Designing and building in a sustainable manner is not an option: it’s a necessity” has been the team’s motto during these four decades of continuous work. The studio continues to turn out work inspired by a holistic view of architecture, constantly striving to understand the client´s needs and aspirations, with an eye to context and avant-garde design. Numerous architects have collaborated with the studio during these past 40 years, including Jorge Tames, Armando Chávez, José Vigil, José G. Amazorrutia Cortés, Mariano del Cueto Ruiz and Arturo Amaya Romero.

Pablo Lazo